Krakow: Eating like a local, with the locals.


Rather than continue with the litany of castles, cathedrals and other city monuments we’ve seen in the last few weeks, today we headed out into the Polish countryside for a home-cooked meal with a Polish family.

We’ve loved meeting people on this trip and getting under the skin of a place from their insight. What better way than from the horses mouth so to speak. After a quick search we came across Eataway, offering a chance to “share memorable meals with local people”. Yes please!

Tea time
Tea time. Yes, that’s a horse.

So, Saturday, noonish, we took an easy 45 minute drive out into the countryside and were greeted with a warm welcome and a lovely cup of tea by our hosts Marta and Mark. Even Milo had a couple of friends Tarcha (sp) and Mika the Rhodesian ridgebacks and even a pony who turned up with daughter Tallulah after she hijacked him from the neighbours, he’d finally met his match!

Marta was sous chef for the day, her friend Iwona doing most of the cooking. And so, after some amazing Rosol (chicken stock soup), and some homemade pickles we new we were in for a treat.


Bitki wolowe, Mashed meat (literal translation) was up next. A sort of spiced beef stew served with mash, red cabbage, saurkraut (amazing home made) and of course, bread for mopping up.

We took a brief interlude for a game of Croquet. Mark had to coach us the entire game, pretty shameful considering we’re English. And who knew, Croquet is actually quite tactical and intense when you play by the rules rather than just trying to get round the hoops first. Still, we managed to secure a gentlemans draw. Though I think that was a gimmie from Mark.

After gruelling excercise, we’d earned another course. This time Kurczak na winie, Polish chicken Coq au vin. Really tender and flavoursome dish. (no piccie, sorry)

Mika stands guard of the Sernik (cheescake)
Mika stands guard of the Sernik (cheescake)

There was just enough room for cheesecake, a Polish classic – who knew? I of course had a second portion, which I deemend permissable as we had some homemade lemon vodka liquer for a digestif.

It was great way to spend a beautiful Saturday in this rural idyll, good food and good company. We totally recommend Eataway to anyone visiting Krakow (city centre based hosts are available too!).

Lunch al fresco
Lunch al fresco
Daughter Tallulah with her hijacked pony
Tallulah with her hijacked pony

One thought on “Krakow: Eating like a local, with the locals.

  1. Mark Bradshaw September 7, 2015 / 1:48 pm

    You were the perfect guests! I think a croquet rematch one of these days is called for – you are always welcome to join us again !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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